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Revolutionize Your Health Journey

Simplify care, Strengthening Bonds

Meet Health Butler

Busy families, rejoice! Effortlessly manage healthcare with ease.

Now, coordinating appointments, medication reminders, and medical histories is a breeze — keeping everyone in the loop and actively engaged.

Embark on a simplified journey to family well-being. Trust ME-IT Health Butler to navigate the complexities of care for you.

Instant Setup
One-Click Sign-Up with Google/Apple. Experience streamlined health management at your fingertips!
Privacy First
Uses nickname for access; only collects birth Month/Year, gender, optional phone.
Sky's the limit
Soar Beyond with 100+ Use Cases. Customise your family's health journey—no limits, just like the open sky.

Key Features

Caregiver Coordination

Efficiently manage health tasks for loved ones, assigning caregivers for medication and appointments, ensuring seamless care.

Health Data Integration

Use Artificial Intelligence to convert the image of your readings from the device into data for tracking purposes, making informed decisions, and sharing with healthcare caregivers.

Prescription Management

Track prescriptions with QR codes for accurate intake and easy sharing among caregivers.

Virtual Briefcase

Keep all your health stuff in one spot! Medical cards, how-to videos, documents, all ready for quick access by caregivers during appointments and emergencies.

Toddler Care

A Lifeline for young parents! Engage everyone in childcare, easily tracking feedings and diaper changes through QR codes.


Overcome language barriers, ensuring both Indonesian and English speakers can easily navigate and use our services.

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Medical History Tracker

Securely track medical visits and history for informed decisions. Instantly access history during critical situations for prompt assistance.

Virtual Health Buddy

Make health tracking fun with your own virtual buddy, using nostalgia for a simpler, comforting experience that resonates with everyone.

Insights & Trends

Unlock patterns in health data over time, provide essential insights for individuals or healthcare providers to tailor care plans with data-driven evidence.

Comprehensive Calendar

Stay organized with a shared calendar for health events and tasks, promoting family collaboration in caregiving.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive alerts for critical health thresholds, enabling immediate action and informed health management.

Effortless Telehealth

Experience care from anywhere, without tying up your hands. Perfect for consultations and following medical guidance with ease.

Our Testimonials

Your Health Butler 
Your Care, Simplified

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ME-IT Health Butler allows you to assign up to three caregivers who can assist in managing health data, ensuring seamless communication and oversight of health management tasks. This feature is ideal for families overseeing the health of elders or individuals with special needs.
ME-IT Health Butler includes features for tracking toddler feeding and diaper changes with QR code scanning for easy record-keeping. This feature is beneficial for new parents or caregivers ensuring the health and well-being of toddlers through meticulous tracking.
ME-IT Health Butler prioritizes user privacy by allowing the use of a nickname for access without requiring personally identifiable information like identification card numbers or home addresses. Exceptions to data privacy include collecting month and year of birth for specific calculations and using gender for gender-dependent thresholds and guidelines.
Yes, ME-IT Health Butler enables families or caregivers to collaborate effectively by providing features like caregiver coordination, prescription management with QR code functionality, and health measurement device integration. These features promote collaborative health management within the family caregiving network.
ME-IT Health Butler offers features for family wellness monitoring, allowing users to monitor multiple family members' health, including children, with easy tracking and customizable reminders. This feature ensures comprehensive support and coordination within the family health management ecosystem.
ME-IT Health Butler offers a prescription management feature with QR code functionality for easy access to medication details and schedules. This tool simplifies medication tracking and ensures timely administration for better health outcomes.
ME-IT Health Butler seamlessly integrates with health measurement devices, allowing users to track vital signs, blood pressure, glucose levels, and more. This integration ensures accurate and real-time health data for informed decision-making and proactive health management.
Yes, ME-IT Health Butler provides customisable alerts and notifications for medication reminders, doctor's appointments, and health measurements. These notifications help users stay organised and on track with their health management routines.
ME-IT Health Butler offers telehealth consultation features, allowing users to schedule remote medical consultations with users own healthcare providers. This feature enhances access to healthcare services and promotes timely medical advice and support for users and their family members.

By subscribing to a Health Butler plan, you agree to our Terms of Use. Our Privacy Policy describes how data is handled in this service.

Seize the Power of Health Tracking

Streamline your family's health management easily; centralise and track all your medical information, prescriptions, appointments, and more in one secured platform. Simplify your life and unlock the potential of optimal health management with Health Butler as your trusted companion.