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ME-IT Health Butler: Revolutionising Personal and Family Health Management

Table of Contents


In today's fast-paced world, managing health and wellness for you and your loved ones can often feel overwhelming. Enter ME-IT Health Butler, a comprehensive, web-based SaaS application designed to simplify and enhance the way you track, manage, and improve health outcomes. With a host of intuitive features from caregiver coordination to health measurement device integration, ME-IT Health Butler is your all-encompassing platform for personal health management.

Key Features and their Use Cases:

  1. Caregiver Coordination:

    Assign up to three caregivers who can assist in managing health data.

    • Use Case: Ideal for families managing the health of elders or individuals with special needs, ensuring seamless communication and oversight of health management tasks.
  2. Comprehensive Calendar:

    Track schedules including medical appointments and medication reminders, with an option for paid subscribers to add travel time notifications.

    • Use Case: Families or caregivers can utilise the comprehensive calendar to effectively communicate and coordinate patient schedules, ensuring seamless management of health-related appointments and medication schedules within the health management ecosystem.
  3. Doctor’s Visit Log and Medical History:

    Securely record and save data and attachments from doctor’s visits along with comprehensive medical history tracking.

    • Use Case: Allows for accurate and easily accessible documentation of health journeys, benefiting patients managing chronic conditions or multiple health issues within the caregiver-coordinated ecosystem.
  4. Prescription Management with QR Code Functionality:

    Create a traceable log of prescriptions, categorise them, and use QR codes for easy tracking of consumption.

    • Use Case: Enables accurate tracking of medication intake, allowing users to manage their medication. Users can also look up medication details on openFDA for knowledge purposes. Additionally, families or caregivers can easily share prescription information, promoting collaborative health management within the health management ecosystem.
  5. Health Measurement Device Integration:

    Seamlessly record and view measurements over time for blood pressure, weight, height, glucose, coagulation and more using AI-powered technology.

    • Use Case: Enables individuals to monitor progress towards health goals or manage specific conditions, facilitating data sharing with healthcare professionals for informed decision-making within the holistic health management ecosystem. Families or caregivers can also access and view these health data, promoting collaboration in tracking and managing health outcomes together.
  6. Alerts and Notifications:

    Set up email or WhatsApp alerts for critical health measurement thresholds.

    • Use Case: Provides a proactive approach to health management, allowing for immediate action if certain health parameters exceed or fall below set thresholds. Especially for critical measurements alerts like Blood Pressure, Glucose, or Coagulation measurements being too high or too low, the system also notifies family members, enabling them to stay informed and take prompt action to check on the patient, even when they are busy.
  7. Insights and Trends:

    Analyse health data to identify trends over various periods.

    • Use Case: Offers valuable insights for individuals or healthcare providers to adjust care or treatment plans based on data-driven evidence.
  8. Toddler Care Management:

    Includes features for tracking toddler feeding and diaper changes with QR code scanning for easy record-keeping.

    • Use Case: A lifeline for new parents or caregivers ensuring the health and well-being of toddlers through meticulous tracking.Caregivers, including nannies, grandparents, or other family members, can also utilize the features to manage toddler care effectively, ensuring comprehensive support and coordination within the caregiving network.
  9. Model (Persona):

    Express yourself with our virtual persona, connect with nostalgic assets.

    • Use Case: Perfect for users wanting a more personalised and engaging health management experience. Virtual personas can offer comfort and familiarity during challenging health journeys, especially for children or elderly patients.
  10. Briefcase:

    • Repository: Store videos and soft copy materials for reference.

      • Use Case: Ideal for compiling a comprehensive digital health library, enabling quick access to essential resources within the health management ecosystem. For instance, dressing videos shared by nurses to educate patients and their families can be stored and easily accessible, facilitating seamless sharing and learning among caregivers.
    • Wallet: Convert physical medical appointment cards or medical cards into an electronic medium.

      • Use Case: Streamlines access to crucial health information, enhancing efficiency during hospital visits and emergencies within the health management ecosystem. For example, storing items like TCM medical cards, medical-related card numbers for quick access, provides a centralised location for managing and accessing important documents, improving organization and accessibility for caregivers.

  11. Multi-language (ID/EN):

    Facilitates a more inclusive and accessible health management experience by breaking language barriers, making it easier for Indonesian and English-speaking users to navigate and utilize the platform.

  12. Tele-health:

    With a click of a button, utilize telecommunications technology sitting on Microsoft Teams to allow seamless communication between you or your caregivers with a nurse/doctor or subject matter expert.

    • Use Case: Offers a convenient solution for remote consultations, enabling users to receive medical advice, follow-ups, and even emergency care guidance without leaving their homes.
  13. Wearables:

    Extend this with RealWear to free your hands with assisted reality while maintaining your hands-free in any situation.

    • Use Case: Enhances Telehealth services for users who require hands-free operation during consultations or when following medical instructions, perfect for hands-free experience while communicating with medical professionals.

Versatile Capabilities for Holistic Health Management

  • Chronic Condition Management:

    Centralize your health records, medication schedules, and vital sign monitoring for a simplified and proactive approach to managing chronic conditions.

  • Caregiving Support:

    Caregivers can remotely assist with health management for elderly loved ones, receive alerts, and coordinate care with ease.

  • Optimised Post-Op Care:

    Track your recovery progress, manage medication schedules, and follow up on appointments.

  • Family Wellness:

    Monitor multiple family members' health, including children, with easy tracking and customisable reminders.

We prioritise your privacy!

You will use a nickname of your choice to access the system without providing personally identifiable information such as identification card number, passport number, or home address.

Exceptions to data privacy:

  1. Date of birth: We only collect your month and year of birth for specific calculations like BMI.
  2. Gender: Used for gender-dependent thresholds and guidelines.
  3. Telephone number: Optional, but required for WhatsApp alerts.

Attachments cannot be viewed by anyone as they are individually locked up (encrypted) and mixed up (scrambled) for extra security. This boosts security by making it tougher for unauthorised access, unlike a global encryption method that could jeopardise all files at once if the encryption key is compromised.

Get started with Health Butler today!

  1. Sign up for an account on ME-IT Health Butler.
  2. Access the web platform on any device with internet;
  3. Take control of your family's health and yours effortlessly.

Once you've set up your profile, you can immediately start leveraging the free functions available on ME-IT Health Butler. For those looking to fully unlock the platform's capabilities, purchasing the relevant subscriptions will grant access to premium features. Whether you're managing personal health goals, overseeing the wellness of a loved one, or keeping track of your toddler's health milestones, ME-IT Health Butler offers an all-in-one solution to meet your needs.

Start taking control of your health management today with ME-IT Health Butler.

Seize the Power of Health Tracking

Streamline your family's health management easily; centralise and track all your medical information, prescriptions, appointments, and more in one secured platform. Simplify your life and unlock the potential of optimal health management with Health Butler as your trusted companion.